Terms for Voting

  • Voters are required to submit their name and phone number in order to identify them as a unique voter.
  • Only one vote per unique telephone number will be registered with the Irish Spa Awards.
  • In order to fully cast a vote, each voter must verify their phone number by entering a Verification Code sent to them by text message. Our text message verification service is a non-premium service and therefore does not incur any additional charges in respect of receiving a text message via our service. The Irish Spa Awards will not be responsible for any charges that may be incurred from using the verification service. All charges that are charged to your account are from your telephone operator and not the Irish Spa Awards.
  • Voter’s personal data and/or voting records will not disclosed to the Nominees or sponsors of the Irish Spa Awards. For more information about how we use your data please read our Privacy Policy.
  • In cases where voters who are submitting their vote are entered to a draw for a competition, the winner will be notified by telephone.
  • Votes submitted after the closing date will be recognised as invalid.
  • All voting is confidential, and is officially tabulated by a third party auditor.